SX Series

Power Without Compromise


5 colors to choose from

Bright Silver

Urban Bronze

Fine Black



Experience the next evolution in laptop performance with Intel Evo on our 13th Gen laptops. Designed to seamlessly blend power and efficiency, Intel Evo ensures lightning-fast responsiveness and exceptional battery life, keeping you productive and connected wherever you go. Enjoy smooth multitasking and immersive entertainment with the latest Intel technologies, all wrapped in a sleek and portable package. Elevate your computing experience with Intel Evo on our 13th Gen laptops, setting new standards for performance, reliability, and mobility.

Engineered to Inspire

The SX series honors a tradition of excellence and innovation. Engineered and manufactured in Japan to offer the latest technology for peak performance, it embodies the perfect combination of lightweight design and durability. 

Work Longer, Carry Lighter

The carbon fiber chassis makes SX laptops sturdier and lighter for optimal portability. And to ensure your mobility isn’t tethered by frequent charging, our advanced battery, paired with power-saving technology, delivers unparalleled performance and an exceptional battery-to-weight ratio. Vaio’s exclusive 53Wh battery will get you from dawn to dusk on a single charge.

Built to Endure, Designed for Life

At Vaio, we understand that life doesn't slow down, and neither should you. That's why our laptops undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the unpredictable. Whether it's a coffee spill at your desk or the pressures of daily commutes, our laptops are built to endure whatever life throws at them, ensuring you stay productive and connected in any situation.

Efficiency Redefined

Vaio’s TruePerformance technology enhances the processor efficiency and maintains its peak performance over an extended period. By uprating CPU power limits and optimizing the cooling mechanism, this unique computing innovation allows for higher performance levels without the risk of overheating. 

Comfort at Your Finger Tips

We’ve designed VAIO SX models with the optimal distance between the palm rest and the desktop to offer the most comfortable typing experience. SX laptops also feature a two-button touchpad to make clicking effortless and ensure a seamless workflow. 

Supports intuitive touch operation

VAIO SX14 allows you to select a touch panel display. You can operate it intuitively like on a smartphone by pressing buttons on the screen, scrolling with a flick, and zooming in and out with a pinch. If you use the optional digitizer stylus (pen), you can write in finer detail such as letters and pictures.

Hinge for one-handed opening

You can open and close the display with one hand without touching the palm rest.

180 degree fully open structure

The display has a fully open structure that can be opened up to 180 degrees. You can rotate the display 180 degrees with a dedicated shortcut (Fn+2) (touchpad operations also rotate to match the screen).

High-performance front camera that takes beautiful images

A high-performance front camera with approximately 2.07 million pixels captures the user's face in high definition and high image quality. The newly installed noise reduction technology realizes higher resolution and color reproducibility than previous products*. You can also physically block shooting with the camera privacy shutter.

Secure Access Simplified

Vaio’s User Sensing technology offers extensive security measures. From fingerprint reader to face recognition sensor, SX laptops guarantee hassle-free logins while providing utmost data protection. Without the need for a password, logging on to your laptop has never been easier.

Epic Sound Experience

We’ve placed high-quality stereo speakers at the front of SX laptops to provide a remarkable listening experience. With VAIO’s Dolby Audio system, you won’t even need headphones to watch videos or take your business calls.

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