VAIO design, Japanese craftsmanship.

VAIO, an authentically Japanese manufacturer, can boast of in-house design, manufacturing, and support teams. Each team member at the headquarters in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture endeavors to create cutting edge technology. Each team member believes that a bold, yet deft, organic approach to manufacturing creates added value. This is the level of commitment to Japanese technology and aesthetics that is a hallmark of VAIO’s craftsmanship.

We take pleasure in challenging industry stereotypes.

Like when we broke from conventional wisdom by introducing a 2-in-1 PC stabilizer flap that worked on your lap. A single engineer proved that an exceptional idea is all you need to change everyone’s mind.

VAIO engineers are craftsmen who don’t overthink challenges.

Design must go beyond the drawing board, and VAIO innovation enables us to make concepts come true. For example, our unique CPU technology that aligns power with performance.

We are proud to not be trendy.

Rather than make unremarkable, micro-bezel, thin laptops like everyone else, we sought balance by locating our wireless antenna where it matters. This is an example of VAIO blending form and function to benefit the customer.

Design born out of function.

The pitch of the VAIO keyboard was engineered to provide comfort for both the palm and the wrists when touching the keyboard, proving beauty and utility can combine into a design ideal.

Japanese attention to detail drives performance.

In addition to providing highly versatile devices, VAIO also promotes Japanese ideals such as silence as a sign of respect, so we created an ultra-quiet keyboard.

Some goals can only be achieved if you make your own rules.

VAIO created a PC capable of being fully charged with a mobile battery to prove that all forms of functionality can be achieved if you don’t close the door on your ideas, no matter the effort involved.

Our mission is to demonstrate the traditional values of a Japanese business as a Japanese manufacturer.

VAIO provides support for legacy models of its global devices as an example of being in service to the Japanese business model and while still fulfilling our mission as a Japanese manufacturer.

From hardworking teams in Japan.

Partnerships with great, like minded companies are at the heart of VAIO’s appeal and business model. For example, Toray Industries, Inc. is the first company in the world* to develop carbon-based personal computers.

*As a laptop computer using CFRP (continuous fiber), as examined by VAIO Corporation.

Kachi colored for the modern samurai.

This deep, dark indigo is the corporate color of VAIO, and has been the preferred color to symbolize “victory” when heading into battle since ancient times. It represents our pride at inheriting the mantle of Japanese craftsmanship and is the power behind the modern business samurai.

Azumino QUALITY is our responsibility and promise.

The headquarters of VAIO is in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture. The factory site is a manifestation of our willingness to pursue the highest standards of craftsmanship. In the final process, dedicated engineers test each device one at a time to ensure it meets 50 exacting standards.