Experience unmatched performance and usability with the VAIO SX14 in an eye-catching deep, beautiful red design

The Ideal Red
VAIO's commitment embodied in our red. Vivid and inspiring, yet not overly flashy, the VAIO SX14 | RED EDITION is based on our long history of inspired color development.
3-Layer Finish
A 3-layer coat finish is applied to the top panel to achieve the ideal premium, deep red. The first layer is shiny pink metallic, followed by transparent red which creates the deep red, and finally a glossy UV coating that hardens to protect against scratches and produces a high-quality gloss sheen.

An emphasis on quality over production efficiency in pursuit of the ideal Red

"As a result of thoroughly thinking, what is a color that is high-quality that a man would not feel ashamed of having, we ended up with a red that draws you in, like the color that reminds you of a high-end sports car. In the VAIO SX14 | RED EDITION, the color applied in three layers is exquisitely crafted to achieve a red that gives a sense of depth that cannot be reproduced with a conventional single-layer coating. However, since scratches and unevenness in the lower layers will show-through when a 3-layer coat is applied, all layers need to be finished without repainting and additional touch ups. As a result, this process costs several times that of a conventional model, but I am satisfied with the finish."
(VAIO SX14 Designer)

Challenging the Limits of Staining
By spending extra time during the dyeing and polishing process, the flat aluminum palm rest has the same deep red coloring as the outside cover.

No compromises during the polishing and dyeing process

"The flat aluminum palm rest is crafted using alumilite staining, but it takes time with an advance chemical polishing and dyeing process because it is very thin. By increasing the gloss through chemical polishing over a long period of time, and using a darker color, it was possible to achieve a red that has both depth and brilliance, which is comparable to the color of top cover."
(VAIO Design Engineer)

Attention to Details
Other than the top cover and palm rest, the 2-button touchpad and fingerprint sensor are also dyed red without compromising functionality.

We struggled with color matching

"There was also an option to black out parts such as the touch pad, but as a result of considering the customer who selects the RED EDITION, we decided to go with red, without compromise. The red touch pad was especially difficult. It was very difficult to match the color with the palm rest because of its structure. We had to color the back of the rough, transparent metal sheet."
(VAIO SX14 Project Lead)

Glossy Black Logo
We changed the top cover VAIO logo, which is silver on VAIO SX14 base models, to a glossy black that better compliments the red top cover for a more striking appearance
Hairline Detail
The rear hinge has been produced in black with hairline finish detail creating a distinctive two-tone design
Brilliant Red Glow
In order to enhance rigidity, the top red cover and flat aluminum palm rest wrap inside the main body. Not only does this provide structural integrity but also increases the visual appearance from any angle
Exclusive Red Packaging
The VAIO SX14 | RED EDITION comes in a specially designed packaging exclusive to this model. The two-tone red and black design extends to the product box, accentuated by the stamped black foil VAIO logo