Experience unmatched performance and usability with the VAIO SX14 in sleek, understated all black design

Beautiful All Black Body
The quality you expect from VAIO expressed in uncompromising black. The ALL BLACK EDITION further enhances the sophisticated form unique to VAIO, such as its wedge shape and flat aluminum palm rest. Our commitment is devoted not only to the body, but also to details such as the packaging and accessories.
Glossy Black Logo
Traditionally the VAIO top logo is finished in silver, but on the ALL BLACK EDITION the logo is a lustrous black that shines brilliantly against the matte black body
Hairline Detail
A hairline finish has been applied to the rear hinge creating a subtle clean texture emphasizing overall appearance
Smooth to the Touch
The black, flat aluminum palm rest has been created with great care in collaboration with our manufacturing partners. Not only in its appearance, but you can feel a sense of quality in how it feels and how it contributes to overall rigidity of the body
ALL BLACK From Every Angle
From all direction all you see is black, even where the palm rest wraps into the body. Nowhere does it show more than in VAIO's iconic "wedge shape design"
ALL BLACK Packaging
Uncompromising even with its packaging. The product box is crafted with high-quality all black material, accentuated by the stamped black foil VAIO logo
Larger Screen x Lighter Body
The VAIO SX14 | ALL BLACK EDITION features a larger 14.0-inch display, one size up from standard laptops. Even with the larger screen, the VAIO SX14 overall dimensions are almost the same as the VAIO S13 without compromising stability and portability.
Being able to create a laptop with a larger screen without increasing its footprint was realized by reducing the overall size of the bezel. The cleaner screen design makes it easier to immerse yourself in content such as videos and photos.
The VAIO SX14 succeeds in weight reduction by thoroughly reviewing body structure and materials. Despite the larger screen, it still remains ultra-lightweight at approximately 2.32 lbs
To compliment the larger 14.0-inch display, the VAIO SX14 | ALL BLACK EDITION comes standard with a 4K Ultra HD Display (3840 x 2160)
Uncompromising Performance
The true power of the latest Intel® 8th Generation processor has been achieved. By applying VAIO TruePerformance® technology, a performance increase of 25% can be attained
Performance Comparison by Processor

* Results may vary depending on your environment and spec configuration

What is VAIO TruePerformance?
VAIO TruePerformace is VAIO's unique tuning, based on the philosophy pursued by VAIO that pleasure pursues work productivity and is applied to achieve higher performance when necessary. By strengthening the power supply and heat dissipation functionality, VAIO TruePerformance delivers higher performance continuously.

* Conceptual diagram. Actual performance may vary under certain operating conditions

Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 compatible CPUs maximize performance by operating for a short period at power levels that exceed the system's ability to dissipate heat when running at idle. By applying VAIO's proprietary tuning, VAIO TruePerformance®, can sustain performance for longer periods than without tuning.