[Windows 10] How to set the power plan

How to set the [Windows 10] power plan

  • I would like to set the performance of my PC to maximum.
  • I want to lower power consumption.
  • Information about how to change the power plan.
  • I want to change the settings for sleep and hibernation.

By changing the power plan, you can maximize the performance of the PC or you can save power.

Method of operation

  • Items to be displayed by the model may be different.
  1. It will display the Control Panel screen.
  2. Since the Control Panel screen appears, you will select the [Hardware and Sound].


  1. Since the [Hardware and Sound] screen is displayed, you will select Power Options.


  1. Since the Power Options screen appears, it will check to any of the items.
    • Balance
      if the hardware it is supported by, you can take the balance of automatically performance and power consumption.
    • Saving
      performance is lowered, and reduces power consumption as much as possible.
    • High performance
      and gives priority to performance, but there is a possibility that power consumption of the increases.

      • If the item is not displayed, and then displayed by selecting the button on the downward triangle in the display additional Plan.


please note
For models with InstantGo installed only “Balanced” can be selected in the Power Options, he operation of the CPU and the Fans can be set in the “VAIO Settings”.
  1. If you want to change the advanced settings, you can select Change plan settings for each item.


  1. Since the screen [Edit Plan Settings] is displayed, when the battery drive, and I set the respective operations when connected to a power source.


If you select Change advanced power settings to display the Power Options screen, you can make detailed settings.

This completes the operation above.

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