Information on how to correspond with vulnerability in WPA2 encryption technology



WPA2 which is the encryption technology of wireless LAN products, there was an announcement that there is a vulnerability called “KRACKs”. Authentication with WPA2/WPA via wireless LAN connection may be attacked by a third party on the same network in the PC product connected to the network.

How to correspond

As for measures against this vulnerability problem, updating both OS’s update (Windows Update) and “Wireless LAN Driver” is necessary. Please refer to the following contents of this Q&A and update.

  • OS’s update (Windows Update)


Please apply the latest Windows update program through Windows Update.

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Windows Version Updated program name
Windows 10 1507 (Original version) KB4042895
1511 (November update) KB4041689
1607 (Anniversary Update) KB4041691
1703 (Creators Update) KB4041676
1709 (Fall Creators Update) KB4043961


Please refer to the link destination of each driver for how to apply the program of each corresponding driver, confirmation of the completion of application, etc. Because the program is different depending on the number of bits of Windows you use, please check in advance.

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