How do I setup the wireless? Press right side ALT + ESC key launches on the Wireless menu to walk through steps to configure. Select “Wireless Network” to see your “Available” choices. You will then be prompted to enter the password (if password protected). Once you connect, the color of […]

BIOS-SHIELD Quick Start Guide

Let’s Get Started! A short guide to help you quickly set up your new BIOS-based protection Please note: You will need to complete the installation of BIOS-SHIELD before you connect to a wireless network. To begin, you’ll first want to review and accept the End User License Agreement (also known […]

Discontinued VAIO Models

Notification The following models have been discontinued. Models VAIO S (view specs) VJS131X0221B – 09/12/2017 VJS131X0111B – 10/27/2017 VJS131X0121B – 01/23/2018 VAIO Z (view specs) VJZ131X0211S – 11/28/2017 VJZ131X0111S – 02/05/2018 VAIO Z flip (view specs) VJZ13BX0311B – 12/21/2017 VJZ13BX0211B – 12/21/2017 VJZ13BX0111B – 12/19/2017 VAIO Z Canvas (view specs) […]

Infineon’s TPM security chip vulnerability

Applicable models [TPM spec version: 1.2 firmware version: 4.40] VJZ12A* [TPM spec version: 2.0 firmware version: 5.51] VJZ13B* VJZ131* Explanation On October 10, 2017 information disclosure on Infineon’s TPM security chip vulnerability was made. ( For TPM firmware that do not support this issue, an RSA key generation algorithm less […]

VJZ12A * “BIOS R1200VE” Update Program

Program name VJZ12A * “BIOS R1200VE” update program Software ID SP000155 Release date January 05, 2017 Applicable models VJZ12A * Target OS Windows 10 64-bit Applicable BIOS version When there is a character string other than “R1200VE” in the BIOS version column 【How to check the BIOS version】 While VAIO […]

Windows 10 S Compatibility Information

[Windows 10 S] Compatibility for each model Products Windows 10 S Description Windows 10 S operating system is not compatible with any laptops manufactured by VAIO Corporation. This includes all models previously built and models that are currently available for purchase. Applicable models •           All VAIO models

VJS131* “ME Firmware Ver.” Update Program

Program name VJS131* “ME Firmware Ver.” Update Program Software ID SP000183 Release date July 14th, 2017 Applicable models VJS131* Target OS Windows 10 Home 64-bit Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Target BIOS version When there  is a character string other than “” in the ME Firmware version column [How to check […]

VJS131* VAIO Control Center Ver.

Program name VJS131* VAIO Control Center Ver. update program Software ID SP000173 Release date March 31, 2017 Applicable models VJS131 * Target OS Windows 10 Anniversary Update 64 bit Notes Please be sure to uninstall the old version of the “VAIO Control Center” before installing the new one. Resolved issue This […]