Discontinued VAIO Models

Notification The following models have been discontinued. Models VAIO S (view specs) VJS131X0221B – 09/12/2017 VJS131X0111B – 10/27/2017 VJS131X0121B – 01/23/2018 VAIO Z (view specs) VJZ131X0211S – 11/28/2017 VJZ131X0111S – 02/05/2018 VAIO Z flip (view specs) VJZ13BX0311B – 12/21/2017 VJZ13BX0211B – 12/21/2017 VJZ13BX0111B – 12/19/2017 VAIO Z Canvas (view specs) […]

Infineon’s TPM security chip vulnerability

Applicable models [TPM spec version: 1.2 firmware version: 4.40] VJZ12A* [TPM spec version: 2.0 firmware version: 5.51] VJZ13B* VJZ131* Explanation On October 10, 2017 information disclosure on Infineon’s TPM security chip vulnerability was made. (www.infineon.com/TPM-update) For TPM firmware that do not support this issue, an RSA key generation algorithm less […]

VJZ12A * “BIOS R1200VE” Update Program

Program name VJZ12A * “BIOS R1200VE” update program Software ID SP000155 Release date January 05, 2017 Applicable models VJZ12A * Target OS Windows 10 64-bit Applicable BIOS version When there is a character string other than “R1200VE” in the BIOS version column 【How to check the BIOS version】 While VAIO […]

Windows 10 S Compatibility Information

[Windows 10 S] Compatibility for each model Products Windows 10 S Description Windows 10 S operating system is not compatible with any laptops manufactured by VAIO Corporation. This includes all models previously built and models that are currently available for purchase. Applicable models •           All VAIO models

VJS131* “ME Firmware Ver.” Update Program

Program name VJS131* “ME Firmware Ver.” Update Program Software ID SP000183 Release date July 14th, 2017 Applicable models VJS131* Target OS Windows 10 Home 64-bit Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Target BIOS version When there  is a character string other than “” in the ME Firmware version column [How to check […]

VJS131* VAIO Control Center Ver.

Program name VJS131* VAIO Control Center Ver. update program Software ID SP000173 Release date March 31, 2017 Applicable models VJS131 * Target OS Windows 10 Anniversary Update 64 bit Notes Please be sure to uninstall the old version of the “VAIO Control Center” before installing the new one. Resolved issue This […]

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

[Windows 10 Fall Creators Update] Information for each model Include a link that is easily discoverable from the top-level OEM Support Page in every country or region to support information for Windows, which is https://support.microsoft.com/windows Products Windows 10 model Function Pen Settings Applicable models •           VJZ13B * •           VJZ12A * […]