What Will You Wear?

In recent years, wearable technology has become a huge topic of conversation. Everyone has no doubt heard of Fitbit and Apple Watch, but technology is moving fast and starting to do so much more. So what else is out there? Many advances have been made in the wearable technology department recently, so let’s check a few of them out.

Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch takes wearable technology to a new level of luxury and class. There is no need to choose between fashion and functionality anymore. This smartwatch is for the most stylish businessmen and businesswomen who still want the advances of cutting edge technology right on hand (literally). Huawei Watch is compatible with both iOS and Android, making it perfect for just about everyone. Not only does the smartwatch have built in Wi-Fi and Google Now voice commands, but it also allows you to see who is calling, read texts, and receive emails right as they’re received. Without having to constantly check your phone for possible notifications, you can stay focused on important tasks. Can you say better productivity?

Huawei Watch
Image via flipboard.com

The Huawei Watch also allows you to visualize your health in new ways. You can track steps, calories, and even your heart rate with it’s built in monitor. Use a health app? Download that too. The watch is connected to the Google Play store, with over 4,000 apps to choose from.


Ringley is a startup company that produces women’s smart jewelry on the basis that technology should be more discretely integrated into our lives. While there are smart rings, as the name suggests, there are also smart bracelets which have just recently been released. These jewelry pieces are extremely sleek and beautiful. Even without the smart technology, women are drawn to the design.

Ringly smart ring
Image via iotnewsnetwork.com

Ringley has taken these stunning jewellery pieces to the next level by connecting them to your phone through Bluetooth. Once a notification is received, the ring will subtly vibrate and a discrete light will go off. You are able to choose the vibration pattern and the color of the light for each type of notification. That way, you know exactly what you are receiving, even while your cellphone is at the bottom of your purse or bag.

Shima Glasses

Shima glasses are unlike anything we’ve seen before. They look like any other glasses from the outside, but put them on and your smartphone is completely integrated into your vision through bluetooth. Driving somewhere unfamiliar? Once you go over 17 MPH, the glasses will switch to drive mode and you will be able to see your directions and car speed within your vision. No need to look at your phone. And when you aren’t driving, your Shirma Glasses can take pictures, change your music, show your incoming notifications, answer a call, and more. These smart glasses can truly do it all, and no one will have any idea your glasses are anything more than just that.

Shima Glasses
Image via hongkiat.com

Technology is a significant part of everyone’s life today. As active participants in the tech world, VAIO knows there will be continuous reliance to our many devices. Constantly having to check for notifications can take away from our productivity and interfere with our day to day life. Wearables are trying to take this problem and turn it into something we can work with. While our dependence on technology isn’t going anywhere, the way we interact with it is. Keep an eye out because wearables are about to take over the tech world. What’s better than being one of the first to know?