Staying Plugged in at the Airport

The VAIO Society knows a thing or two about being on the road, destination meetings and work travel in general. The airport can be seen in two different kinds of light, the first a catastrophic nightmare and the second an office space with built in people watching. The latter being the optimal choice. Making these trips a success doesn’t involve much- bring your chargers, choose the right carry on, and be prepared for anything.

However, if you’re really looking to optimize your travel time check out a few of the tips and tricks VAIO’s acquired along the way. After all, it’s a long flight from Japan to the states, we’ve basically mastered the “work travel” thing.

All Systems Are Go

There’s literally an app for everything including one that will house all of your flight information. For a few bucks FlightTrack 5 will provide you with a real-time itinerary and send updates through push notifications for any gate changes and/or delays. There are probably a million of these apps, so what makes FlightTrack 5 different? Besides the aforementioned perks above this app also provides details on the things that airports and airlines leave out like baggage claim and seating guides. Thanks to the push notifications you can make the most of your time working right up until boarding and rest assured you’ll be alerted of any last minute changes.

Speaking of apps, did you know several of the larger international airports have teamed up with one of their food vendors to launch a mobile app- B4 You Board. This app allows you to order food from restaurants within the airport and have it delivered to your gate before boarding. Again, making the most of your time and allowing you to work right up until take off.

Is This Thing On

If you’ve visited at least one airport you know the wifi can be spotty to say the least. As an entrepreneur you know that a poor connection could cost you a client, stay connected even when you’re out on the road with your own wireless router. TP-Link’s 3G Mobile Wi-Fi Power Bank is perfect for getting you a connection when you need it most. The power bank is fully equipped with a build in 3G modem, high download speeds of up to 21.6 Mbps and one powerful battery. VAIO can attest that small doesn’t have to mean less power.

Smooth Sailing Before You Leave

Airport lounges can make all the difference during those longer layovers or unexpected delays. Now if you’re a seasoned traveler you probably already have enough points to circle the globe twice which means you’ve got lifetime access to the airport lounge your most loyal to, but if you’re not quite there yet you’re in luck- many airlines allow you to purchase day passes. You’ll find much stronger wifi connections in these lounges along with other amenities that make waiting around less taxing.

Airport lounge
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Speaking of other amenities, leave it to San Francisco to get a little zen before a flight. Terminal 2 is home to a 150-square foot yoga room, fully equipped with mirrors and yoga mats. Cell phones are a no no and while this post is largely about working and productivity while traveling we know that wellness plays a huge role in performance and success. So om it out.

Plug In and Power Up

One of the trickiest things to find in an airport are outlets and even when you do find them don’t be surprised if you can’t actually get access to one. Fortunately VAIO has a built in USB charging port, giving you an additional place to charge your devices. This eliminates the need for carrying around extra chargers. Today there are some innovative products out on the market to help combat this constant issue. Check out another one of our posts on smart backpacks and quit worrying about not being able to locate an open outlet.

On the off chance you do find an outlet for your devices, there’s a very good chance you’re going to have to make some tough decisions on what gets charged and what doesn’t. This is where some of that innovative technology comes into place. MOGICS is a portable powerstrip that really knows what it means to be portable, the small circular powerstrip can literally fit in your pocket. Available in two varieties, the donut has five US AC sockets and two USB ports and the bagel, which has four universal AC sockets, one US AC socket and two USB ports. If that weren’t enough the pocket powerstrip also has it’s own universal travel adapter, so you can plug in anywhere.

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Traveling for work isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem. We can lose an entire work day in travel time alone, but if you’re prepared and ready to go you can make the most of days like these and even get ahead of the game. It’s something we at VAIO are striving for on a daily basis. Step into our VAIO Society and join us as we redefine greatness through innovative technology.