What Will the Offices of the Future Look Like?


Here at VAIO, we are constantly looking towards the future. While we can’t specifically predict what the future of technology holds, the one thing we can say is that it will have a large impact on the way we work. As we continue to develop technology for use in the workplace, the spaces themselves are going to shift. So what will the office of the future have in store for the next generation?  Let’s take a closer look at some of the workspace trends we’re seeing today and the ideas we have for tomorrow.

An Office Without Walls

As more and more of the millennial force enters the working world we’re starting to see a shift in the workplace. They’re not interested in personal offices and they definitely aren’t interested in sitting in a cubicle for extended periods of time. The office of the future, and for some- the office of right now, consists of an open floor plan, exposed ceilings and concrete flooring. It has a modern approach and a minimalistic look. Taking down the walls and cutting out distractions. Why the shift? We’re dealing with a mobile generation, which means they have the entire world at their fingertips and they can access it anywhere they want. There’s no longer the need to be tethered to a desk.

An office without walls
Image via archdaily.com

The Internet of Things (IOT)

In its most basic form the IOT refers to devices with sensors and other embedded tech that can easily interact with each other and smart devices through the use of the internet. Businesses looking to attract top talent should know the IOT in order to stay competitive.

Big brands are already starting to develop technology for augmented contacts and other wearables, engineered to converse with IOT devices. This smart technology will be able to gather personal data specifically related to employee health. Companies are hoping to use the data to promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace and reduce sick days.

A Space for Collaboration

Collaborative work spaces can spur creativity. VAIO knows a thing or two about creativity and how it really can strike at any moment. We believe in providing users with machines that can tackle any creativity flow no matter the time or the location. In that same vein we’ll see office spaces start to adopt this same idea. We’ve discussed the open floor plans, but we’re going to start to see more communal gathering spots for meetings, quick brainstorm sessions and huddle areas.

A place for collaboration

Visual Nav

In that same vein, eye tracking technology will most likely make the mouse a thing of the past. Not only is the technology being developed for the work space, but it can also have the ability to help those with impairments connect with technology. Samsung has been working on EyeCan+, a second-generation eye mouse that will help those with disabilities use computers. While it will take time before the technology is ready for mass production, it’s looking like the only thing on the desk of the future will be a screen.

Moving Towards the Future… Literally

Movement in the office of the future will be imperative not only for productivity but the overall wellbeing of employees. A concept like “Hot-Desking” is helping to encourage new relationships, chance interactions and efficient use of space. The idea is that desks are only used when they are needed. On the flip side the standing desk has been around for decades but is recently seeing a revival in the workplace as the younger generations are spending more time at the office. The next office evolution may even mean going chair-less as the anti-sitting agenda of medical researchers continue to stress the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time.

Moving towards the future
Image via eduardoperez.de

The future is closer than it may seem. Many of the above concepts have been put into partial practice with the main focus highlighting hospitality, sustainability and transparency. Business will continue to reinvent their workplaces as the work force continues to regenerate itself. In that same avenue VAIO will continue to work towards the future, reinventing our own technology to meet the needs of this ever evolving society. Join VAIO as we navigate the inevitable future.