Innovative Business Cards

The days of business cards featuring the carrier’s name, company name, address, phone number, and email/fax against a white background are long over. Creative business cards are increasingly the standard, as they provide interesting avenues for showcasing why your company is better than the competition. Business cards should make an impression, not end up stuck in someone’s back pocket only to be found in the dryer weeks later. With that in mind, read up on some of the coolest, most innovative business cards being used today and allow them to inspire you:

Bon Vivant

Brazilian cheese store Bon Vivant definitely wants its customers thinking about milk curds. The company business card doubles as a cheese grater, and is very popular among fans. The cards were created by the ad agency- JWT and even feature protective sleeves.

Bon Vivant business card
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LEGOs are a classic toy that’s been a childhood staple for decades, and the business cards available to those who work at the company are very cool. They feature the LEGO version of the employee with the person’s name emblazoned across the torso. The company is said to match the LEGO people to their real counterparts as much as possible, including hairstyles and accessories. Nice, right?

LEGO business cards
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A business card that doubles as a computer keyword? That’s the idea behind this option created by Techkeys. It features a PCB with an on-board re-programmable ATMEGA16U2 for use as a switch tester, shortcut, keycap display, and more.

Techkeys business cards
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Austrian music duo Ritornell routinely ask audiences to bring their private music boxes to shows as part of the act, and their business cards are now in on the fun. The cards were created by a designer named Katharina Hölzl, who used laser-assisted milling. The cards subsequently feature nine micro compositions that include triangles, circles, and the duo’s contact information, all of which are featured on a long music box paper stripe.

Ritornell business card
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Powell Peralta

American skateboard company Powell Peralta created business cards in the shape of mini….you guessed it…skateboards! The cards are made of thin wood and even feature grip tape on one side like their real-life counterparts. The company logo is displayed on the grip side and the contact information on the other. Tiny wheels are all that’s missing from these innovative business cards.

Power Peralta business cards
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BDH Millwork

Brad Haniak of BDH Millwork is a cabinet-maker whose creative business cards were crafted by WAX, a Canadian advertising studio. The studio had the brilliant idea to rubber-stamp business card info on pieces of leftover wood. This idea is not only very creative; it’s also inexpensive and eco-friendly.

BDH Millwork business cards
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Choko La

A candy wrapper business card? Sure, if you’re in the business of making chocolate. Candy wrapper cards that include delicious bites of chocolate were the brainchild of ad agency Draft FCB and provide an innovative, yummy way to ensure consumers and colleagues remember the Choko La name.

Choko La business cards
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Furniture shop Bentply is based in Marylebone, London, and provides nifty business cards made in the letterpress fashion. However, that’s hardly all the cards can do; if you fold them, they turn into mini bent plywood chairs. That’s right! The cards were the awesome idea of writer and designer Richard C. Evans and are so cool, they’re virtually impossible to forget. They even function as dollhouse furniture!

Bentply business card
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Inspired yet?