Moving Beyond Portability

VAIO lives and breaths for innovation, we believe in staying ahead of the game and preparing the VAIO user for whatever may come their way. We’re also tuned in with the tech world around us and we’ve noticed a shift. Wearable technology just took a whole new approach – backpacks. These handsome devils are changing the way we think about portability, convenience and getting our devices from one place to the next without having to sacrifice battery. Now, we realize your creative flow isn’t going to kill your VAIO Z Canvas, but things happen and you never know when you’re going to need a charge.

Ampl- “The World’s Smartest Backpack”, so We’ve Heard…

Ampl, refers to themselves as the world’s smartest backpack and they really may be changing the game in wearable tech. Funded by Indiegogo, this backpack is compact, water resistant and will charge all of your devices with a USB port in every pocket. So what makes this backpack different from others? With “smart controls” you can monitor and control charge settings all from the accompanying app, no need to pull out your device to see where you’re at. Just get home from a long day of business travel? Save the unpacking for later, a single cable will charge the smart backpack and all of your VAIO devices while you catch up on some much needed shut eye.


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MOS Pack- “Power Extended”, Do Tell…

Another new brand paving the way in smart backpacks- MOS Pack got their start on Kickstarter a few short months ago. Plug MOS pack into any outlet and you’ve instantly got your very own charging station. While this smart backpack doesn’t charge on the go, it does offer 20 liters of storage and an uncanny number of pockets. MOS has done a great job with the overall look of the smart backpack, it’s sleek enough to be carried into the office and built tough to withstand long trips for business or pleasure. They also offer an international adapter, pretty useful for those overseas business meetings, not to mention you won’t need to pull any of your devices out; they’ll charge inside the smart backpack while you sip your latte and catch up on the daily paper.


MOS Pack
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COAlition- “The Best Backpack You’ll Ever Own”, Oh Really?

The day your smart backpack also provides you with a wifi connection is here. COAlition is another brand hitting the wearable tech market hard with their take on smart backpacks. So what makes COAlition different from the rest of the smart backpacks that are coming onto the scene? They are currently the only smart backpack with wireless hard drive storage, for one and business professionals are able to build a backpack as smart as they need it, wifi and all. Sounds like a backpack our VAIO S users would definitely be interested in. The brand was founded on one core idea- The Evolution of Carry™. As this idea of Carry evolves so does the way we carry what’s important to us as such, COAlition devotes their efforts to creating the most innovative way to hold what’s most important to you.


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iBackPack- “The Next Generation Backpack”, We’re Listening…

No, this is not an apple product. It is however, another smart backpack with dreams, big dreams to yet again, change the way we see and use wearable tech. iBackPack is still in beta, but things are looking good for this brand. Wifi and a 20,000 mAh battery come standard as well as the pair of Bluetooth speakers, four USB charging ports and a single plug to recharge the entire backpack. Did we mention the security system? Yes, the iBackpack comes with an anti theft security system. You spot someone trying to steal your backpack, open the app and push the alarm button. An alarm will sound, the GPS is activated and you can track your iBackpack via the app. A pretty innovative feature in the vein of wearable tech.


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Not all things in the tech world are created equal, this much we know. Wearable technology is evolving fast with products we never considered to be part of the “wearable” family. Nothing is off the table these days and no one knows that better than VAIO. We strive for innovative mastery and will continue to build machines designed for excellence.