CEOs and Private Jets

Private jets, clearly, are no small investment. In today’s age with our growing technology and constantly changing economy, lifestyles have been dramatically altered to accommodate these changes.

Many company CEOs have begun to purchase private jets as a way to support their busy lifestyles. The cost of merely buying the jet can range from anywhere between $3 million to $90 million or greater and operating the jet can cost you an additional $700,000-$4 million per year.

Inside of a private jet
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What’s the Big Deal?

So why are CEOs investing in these private jets, despite their costliness? Because, in the long run, they can actually save a lot of money and time. From a cost-benefit analysis perspective, these busy CEOs are making an efficient choice once it is taken into consideration how often they travel and how much time this uses up. The private jet industry itself is evolving. For example, tech companies such as Aerion have begun developing a new business jet that will be fast enough to cut down travel time from New York to London from its normal time frame of seven hours to less than four.

There are even several platforms created for private jets that are similar to Uber, but are used instead for air travel. With the introduction of new technology, there has been a change in the way that jets have been marketed towards their target audience. With the introduction of apps such as Victor, JetSmarter, BlackJet, and several others, private airlines are becoming more popularized and more accessible.

The Perks

Because air travel is so common for these high end CEOs, they are taking into careful consideration the types of aircrafts they are purchasing. In the long run, this actually has the potential to save them money. If they fly on a private jet, it costs the same amount to take one person as it does to take eight. There are many additional security and economic benefits that come out of ownership of these aircrafts which makes them a more appealing option for a CEO who is constantly on the go. Private jet travelers have the advantage of skipping the security lines and have access to a private and secure parking lot available 24/7, reducing an inconvenience part of commercial flights.

Outside of a private jet
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Private jets are just one component of the fast-paced, luxurious lifestyle of CEOs. This is the result of the highly demanding nature of the CEO position. While there are many benefits to having perks such as private jets, they come with the cost of having a job that requires lots of time, dedication, and passion for the position and the company. It’s no wonder these CEOs need the latest and most efficient technology to support themselves! VAIO’s got a machine that can match this lifestyle. Check out one of our great models and see for yourself.