How to Eliminate the White Noise of the Workplace

The phone rings, an urgent email comes through and someone walks into your office to tell you you’ve closed another deal. While the latter is welcomed news the other two happenings are distractions, white noise if you will, in the world of business. While you can’t ever stop these occurrences from taking place there are things you can do to mute the distractions and catch up on your ever evolving to-do list. VAIO is in charge of getting the best machine in front of you so that you can get your job done, but we’re taking it a step further. We’ve found some of the best solutions in technology to help combat disturbances and eliminate white noise.

There’s An App for That

In the world of apps you can rest assured you’ll find one for anything including ridding yourself of this white noise so to speak. Ironic we know, considering technology is one of the biggest offenders, but hear us out. Freedom, an internet, social media and app blocker, goes further than any of the other web blocking apps have gone before. Not only will it block a list of preselected websites during predetermined hours, but it will disable your internet connection entirely if it finds you are not doing anything of importance on it. How’s that for motivation.

Sometimes a traditional to-do list just isn’t going to cut it. Bring on Wunderlist, no not wanderlust. This is another one of those GTD or get things done apps. The difference with wunderlist is its ability to sync with Google Now so that you’re automatically reminded of your daily tasks, how convenient. All tasks with deadlines can also sync with your calendar allowing for reminders, another convenient feature for when your day takes an unexpected turn.

Moving Onto Extensions

Another great option in the world of staying focused and on the right track are browser extensions. Many of them come with the same features as the internet blocking apps; however, Momentum likes to remind you of your to-do list. Whenever you open a new tab it shows you your main to-do for that day, constantly reminding you of what you’ve got left to accomplish. The stunning backgrounds and words of encouragement aren’t bad either. The only hitch with Momentum is that it’s only available in chrome.


Gadgets and Gizmos

When all else fails switch to the gadgets and gizmos. Noise cancelling headphones have been all the rage for years now, though their actual abilities have been questioned, there’s no doubt that they can vastly improve your focus in an open environment. We’ll leave the actual debate on their abilities up to you. We’ve also got our eyes on a couple new tech items in the market.

Luxafor is brilliant, it’s a small light that connects to your USB that will show your availability to your co-workers, no more interrupting that workflow. You can connect it with a productivity app to automatically change color depending on your settings. It will flash when you have a notification, an email or other reminders. Turn it red so others around you know you’re busy and should be left alone and green when you’re free. There’s no better way to eliminate those untimely disturbances.

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VAIO builds machines that help combat the constant white noise struggle, we’ve optimized the keyboard so it’s as quiet as can be, elongated the battery life so you don’t have to worry about plugging in and supplied you with great connectivity so you can get the job done anywhere. White noise, distractions whatever they may be are ultimately unavoidable, but technology is constantly improving and while it can aid in the distractions it can also help cut them out.