A Look Into the Future

Smart Glasses, a concept brought to you by Google in 2012, hasn’t had too much attention. That may start to change. While Google Glass may be one of the more popular smart glasses you are familiar with, there have actually been many developments over the past few years in this area that have imitated and even improved the concept of smart glasses.

These smart glasses are perfect for people and companies with lifestyles that need to be supported by convenient and efficient wearable technology. In recent years, new models have been developed that are more fashionable, comfortable, and easy to use.

For Productivity

With an Android-based software, Vuzix has developed smart glasses that can do just about anything–from taking photos with an HD camera to connecting to your smartphone. Vuzix specializes in making their products hands-free and easy to use so they can thrive in the industries smart glasses are most commonly used for, such as telemedicine, remote assistance, manufacturing, and more.

Image via SlashGear


For Comfort and Affordability

Epson has specialized in making their smart eyewear the most comfortable and the most affordable. By combining a light, minimalist design featuring a full transparent HD display, Epson was able to create Moverio, a product that is fit for creating augmented reality experiences and enhancing the world around you. One of the most unique features of Epson’s product is its eco-friendliness, made completely with recyclable material.

Moverio smart glasses
Image via gadgets.ndtv.com

For Personal Use

The Recon Jet is a type of sports eyewear that is often used for cyclists during their training. Using Jet, cyclists are able to access data and information on their smart glasses without having to take their eyes off the road. There is also an option to have prescription inserts made for those who need them, making them an affordable and reliable option.

For Business

Sony has taken it into their hands to produce several models of wearable smart glasses with the unique feature of helping programmers develop apps while wearing them. While users wear the eyeglasses, they are able to access the camera, GPS, and sensors to create various augmented reality apps.

Sony smart glasses
Image via Sony


Smart glasses are often used in environments that support the demanding and fast paced lifestyles of the most innovative and elite companies. They can be used to help make waves–coming up with new technology, life changing medical practices, opportunities to improve education, and much more, all while being efficient and stylish. VAIO believes in the power of cutting-edge technology to change the world, and we’re always on the lookout for the newest and best products.