Moving Towards Solar Energy

Solar energy is taking off. While using solar in homes isn’t anything new, it is making it’s way into other industries as well. Plenty of gadgets are being produced with the outdoor explorer in mind. A reasonable notion, as they are far from any electric source. But what can solar do for businessman or woman? Here are some great solar powered items that will keep you charged up throughout the day, inside and outside the office.

Generator Solar Laptop Charger

Traveling with a laptop can be tricky. For those of us who don’t have a VAIO Z, with up to 15 hours of battery life, there can be plenty of anxiety that stems from losing charge on our devices, especially when working outside of the office. Finding outlets can sometimes be difficult, and there’s not always time to sit around while your device charges. No need to worry about these problems anymore because Voltaic has come up with a briefcase that also serves as a charging station. Keep your batteries up and running throughout the day and don’t risk wasting time at an outlet. The solar panels on the front serve as a great, convenient alternative!

Solar backpacks
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If you prefer a backpack to a briefcase, no need to worry about that either. Voltaic also offers the same great solutions in a backpack option. Trying to weigh different backpack options? Make sure to check out our article on smart backpacks.

Pauline Van Dongen Fashion

We as humans wear clothing everyday, so why not maximize on this? Pauline Van Dongen has spent years trying to create solar clothes, and in 2013 she produced the first solar dress. While none of her creations are available to the public yet, Pauline Van Dongen has taken huge steps in the solar world through fashion. Her garments are extremely unique. Instead of solar panels, which are hard and rigid, many of her pieces integrate solar cells. These cells move and work seamlessly with the clothing material, making the garments much more functional.   

We hope her clothing is ready to be released to the public soon. While being innovative and fashion forward, these pieces are also incredibly practical. The solar aspect of the clothing would allow you to keep your devices charged, without compromising your fashion forward self.

solar clothing
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XD Design Window Solar Charger

Do you travel for work? Have a window in your office? Drive to the office? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you should know about this window solar charger. The small, yet sleek device is great for all situations. It attaches to any window and takes in the sunlight to provide you with a portable charger. Take it wherever you go, and never worry about a dead phone battery.

Solar charger
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While being completely solar isn’t an option for everyone, Sunport has come up with a great alternative if you want to embrace the solar lifestyle. While the concept of plugging it into an outlet for solar power seems backwards, the creators of this remarkable device have figured it out. There is no real way to track electrons directly, so we look to REC’s (renewable energy certification’s) to distinguish between renewable and nonrenewable energy.  

Consumers purchase an annual subscription through Sunport. For $20 a year you can insure you’re tapping into local solar farms’ renewable energy resources. The actual Sunport itself is $60, think of it as a personal ATM machine for accessing your solar energy. Just plug-in the Sunport to an outlet and start using solar with any device you choose. Download the app and keep track of your ‘SunJoule’s’ or the amount of energy spent. Use it to learn about the impacts you’re making in the community.

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Solar is changing the way we use technology. We are constantly connected to our devices, which keeps our batteries drained throughout the day. This poses as an issue since in today’s world staying up to date means staying connected. Don’t be the one that misses out on anything. Stay charged and in the know with these solar energy options.