Where Are We Going?

The future of Wi-Fi hotspots is here. New innovations in hotspot technology are turning any space into a workspace. Some of these innovations are happening within the heart of Paris, France, while others are occurring in the form of nifty portable devices. Let’s take a look at the hotspots of the future and how they’re changing the workspace game:


L’Escale Numérique

Think of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Does the Hanging Gardens of Babylon spring to mind? The ancient wonder was the inspiration French designer Mathieu Lehanneur needed to create L’Escale Numérique, a smaller-scale version of the famous hanging gardens. The artificial oasis is also known as The Digital Break and features a free Wi-Fi hotspot on the Parisian streets.


L’Escale Numérique
Image via freshome.com


This modern piece of art includes digital support for tourists, which is readily available in an interactive manner. The traveling businessperson will find this hotspot particularly helpful, as the installation features small, concrete chairs with plugs that charge any type of mobile device. There are also mini tables that serve as perfect tablet and laptop holders. They allow you to work in actual comfort rather than feeling cramped and frustrated.

L’Escale Numérique is a perfect example of how Wi-Fi hotspots are no longer limited to cafes and coffee shops. The Parisian installation allows you to work outside and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you as you check email, send important documents, update social media platforms for your business and more.


ZTE Mobley

New and exciting Wi-Fi locations aren’t the only hotspots of the future. Innovative devices are also changing how people live and work in the world around them, with ZTE Mobley being a fantastic example. The compact gadget serves as a mobile hotspot that allows you to connect up to five Wi-Fi devices while en route. It doesn’t even require charging cables to function! Whether you’re looking to stream music, watch movies, surf the web, play games, check email or do anything else requiring a Wi-Fi connection, Mobley makes it easy.


Image via ztewelink.com


Services are provided via AT&T Mobility, so keep in mind that coverage and services aren’t available everywhere. Still, Mobley transforms any vehicle from 1996 on into a mobile hotspot. Simply plug the device into your vehicle’s OBD-II port to make your hotspot come alive. Devices connected to said hotspot utilize data from your vehicle’s plan. Once connected to the vehicle hotspot, it will instantly reconnect and use vehicle data. The only exception is when implementing a new hotspot password or when the hotspot is disconnected from returning device settings.

The Wi-Fi hotspot is on as long as your vehicle is, and features the AT&T’s network speed and strength. AT&T is considered to offer the strongest 4G LTE connection in the country.


Standards Are Changing

Portable hotspot devices and power strips are making it possible to plug in and stay connected anywhere, anytime. But it’s not just devices, connectivity standards are changing too. If we look towards the future we’ll definitely see a shift in the way we’re connecting to public wi-fi. The goal is to streamline the sign in process. Gone are the days of temporary logins and passwords and there will be no more agreeing and re-agreeing to terms and conditions. Next-Generation Wi-Fi Hotspots (NGH) aim to bypass the sign in process. A user will enter the wi-fi zone and their device will automatically connect, no username and no password required. This not only will impress the millennial generation in regards to their need to constantly be connected to a device, but will also aid in the business world. Imagine a world where you can open up your laptop and instantly be connected.  

This world is brimming with great ideas, as such it can be hard to keep up with the ever evolving technology. We’ve got architects, engineers and artists working diligently to not only create better options in the tech world, but they’re doing it on their own terms. In other words, it isn’t simply about wi-fi any longer, it’s the entire package. From the way it looks, to how it’s presented all the way down to how it actually operates. It’s hard to imagine what the future will look like, once more art and science are melding. VAIO recognizes the artistic innovation in technology and we continue to look towards the future for more to come.