How to Create a Proper Work-Life Balance

Finding a work-life balance is a challenge many struggle with on a daily basis. A normal eight-hour workday has morphed into 24/7 availability. The advent of technology, emerging startups and fear of failure keeps employees at it long after they should have gone home. Determining a way to find balance and not deal with daily or weekly bouts of anxiety and stress, is therefore imperative. Take the following tips into consideration and give yourself the chance to enjoy greater work-life harmony.

Use the Right Tech

Help yourself achieve the coveted work-life balance by using the right tech accessories. Waiting for a laptop that takes forever to pull up a page or save your document isn’t going to have you relaxing at home any faster, which is why the VAIO Z is so helpful with it’s instant startup. While we’d never condone multitasking as a solution to achieving a work-life balance, we would recommend letting VAIO do the multitasking for you. The efficient 6th generation processor makes switching from one project to another quick and hassle free. The long-lasting battery lets you keep your productivity going without having to pause to plug in. These small but mighty features in your VAIO really can make all the difference.

Let It Go

Forget perfection; it’s an unattainable goal that only gets harder as your responsibilities increase. Striving for perfection all the time also leads to burnout, so rather than trying to be perfect opt for excellence instead. You’ll be happier, your work won’t suffer, and your personal affairs will appreciate it.

Remember to Exercise

Allow yourself time to exercise and even meditate, no matter how busy your schedule is. Many people forgo exercise and other activities that refresh and clear the mind when their to-do lists are miles long. However doing so only hurts you, as exercise is not only essential for maintaining a healthy weight and overall healthy body, but it’s also a fantastic stress reducer. Exercise also floods the body with endorphins that put you in a good mood to start or return to work.

Create “me time” each week that allows you to de-stress, such as taking up yoga or kickboxing, attending a twice-weekly dance class, performing breathing exercises during your morning commute, or beginning and ending each day with a five to 10-minute meditation. The more you engage in such activities, the more you’re activating the parasympathetic nervous system, or the body’s rest and digest response. Calming this system offers benefits both in the moment and over time, as doing so overrides the sympathetic nervous system, or the body’s stress response.

Prioritize Your Priorities

Help yourself achieve a work-life balance by choosing what’s truly a priority every day and ignoring what doesn’t require your attention right now. Spend time on what’s most important to you rather than trying to pack everything into one or two days. You’ll be happier and feel more balanced and less stressed. As far as low-priority tasks go, that’s what delegation is for. Use an actual or virtual assistant to help you with booking appointments, shopping, and any other small, easy tasks.


Above all remember to start small. Small, gradual victories allow you to work up to something greater, while rushing larger changes can set you up for failure. Go small and start by switching up your gear. Harnessing yourself with a proper laptop may be the first step you take in your journey to finding balance. You’ll be happy you did. Maintain your balance with VAIO; our machines will get you from start to finish without having to extend your workday.