Your Office Away from the Office

You’ve climbed the corporate ladder, determination and hard work has gotten you right where you want to be. Your weeks consist of airport terminals while your nights rotate between room service, client dinners and a table for one. By day you’re either enroute, in meetings or looking for someplace quiet to set up shop for the day. While you’ve become accustomed to asking the bellhop for suggestions on internet cafes and reliable wi-fi, we’ve got other ideas. VAIO’s kept our eyes peeled for out of the ordinary spaces to sit down and get some work done. Why? Because sometimes you’ve just got to work remote and the coffee shops/hotel lobbies just aren’t going to cut it.

NoMI Lounge at the Park Hyatt

Ditch the hotel lobby scene and head to one of the cities best kept daytime secrets. The Friday night hot spot is quite the sleepy and even empty place during daylight hours. The NoMI Lounge, short for No-rth MI-chigan, offers comfortable chairs, gorgeous views of the city from the 7th floor and all the natural sunlight you could want. It’s been quoted as one of the chicest places to work for the day, after all it is the luxurious Park Hyatt hotel. Best of all, once the work day comes to a close treat yourself to a well-deserved glass of wine off of their extensive wine list.


NoMI Lounge
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Millennium Park

If you find yourself remote for the day in Chicago we highly recommend checking out Millennium Park. The park is fully equipped with free wi-fi making it the perfect spot to break the traditional workplace mold and set up your office for the day. The Chicago Wireless Internet Zones (WIZ) are special locations throughout Chicago where free public wi-fi networks are available. The networks are provided by the City of Chicago and were established to promote and develop wireless technology offering a more flexible means of communication.


Millennium Park

The 900 Shops

Setting up your workplace at the visually stunning 900 Shops could prompt other interests, but it really can be a great work environment too. It’s been suggested to skip the busier downstairs area and head up to the higher floors. Snag a chair, an entire table or opt for a couch, the world is your oyster. The highly sought after shopping destination resides on the north end of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. An exclusive tenant mix offers guests an unparalleled experience. When the work day is done treat yourself to a delicious dinner at one of their many fine dining restaurants.


900 Shops
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Work can take you anywhere, so make the most of your trips away from the comforts of your own desk. VAIO has a knack for discovering products and places that are still coasting under the radar. The next time you find yourself in the windy city try one of these obscure locations as your workplace for the day and let us know how it goes.