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Product Review (submitted on April 5, 2016):
Long ago I bought a Sony VAIO Pro and loved it for many years. I was happy to hear that VAIO has come back with and update on this line but now it’s called the VAIO S. So I decided my son was due for a new (to him) computer and I passed along my trusty Pro. So I picked up the S last month and it is just great. You can’t really tell how lightweight a 2.3 lb computer is until you are actually holding it or carrying it around all day. But something as light and functionally just isn’t out there. It really has everything I need. I consult in some offices where wifi is blocked for security reasons but now no more dongle because the S has a built in RJ45 lan cable port! I even need a VGA port once in a while (think government offices) and this thing has that as well built in. It’s got everything else too, HDMI, 3 USB ports, SD Card, 9 hours of battery life.. My son is jealous but he can wait 5 years until I’m done using this one.