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VAIO Z Canvas

Product Review (submitted on January 3, 2017):
I immediately sold my VZ about a week after using it. I have large hands and also cannot for the life of me understand why nobody has created a 16" and up sized tablet for users that work larger and value their work space.

Let me be clear however that the Vaio Z is a workhorse under the hood and I loved it's performance specs. For me, it just failed miserably as a tool that I could or would use on a daily basis for actual design work due to the small footprint. Mobile, yes,....but at what cost?

As of this writing, Wacom has FINALLY stepped up with a 16" model that looks like the perfect solution for me. Honestly,..I would have rather given my money to VAIO than Wacom, but I have to get work done and they came through first.

Surface studio just hit the stores, but of course that is a different beast altogether and really can't be compared to a tablet style of device, but at least now manufacturers are seeing the light in terms of work space requirements as more and more software tools clutter up the GUI.

I think between 16 - 17" is the "sweet spot" for many of us, but I do understand that others are still fine with the 13" and that's cool too. I was just voicing my preference and opinion here and nothing more.