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VAIO Z flip

Product Review (submitted on November 14, 2016):
The Vaio Z (flip) i7 with Windows 10 Pro is a well rounded laptop/tablet. I've been using it for about 1 month and have put it to heavy usage; from video design, intense graphics, software compilation, heavy data base and document editing and browsing the internet with way too many programs running in the background and yet the Z has been very stable and fast. Windows in tablet mode may make users pull their hair (I found it so frustrating at first and I ended up restarting the Vaio Z a few times, but this was actually a windows related issue and not with my Vaio). The Z is sturdier than it looks like. Its hinge mechanism works very well. The screen is gorgeous. The keyboard is very smooth (although I have purchased a silicon screen cover because I am afraid I will stain the keys with finger oil). I recommend this machine if you are looking for a distinguished, multi-function (laptop+tablet). I am extremely satisfied with the screen response (particularly writing with the stencil). Battery life is more than adequate for me (I run 10-hour workdays without a charger). This is an awesome laptop.