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Product Review (submitted on March 5, 2019):
I have owned Vaio laptops since it first came out. they have always lasted me much longer than any other brand ( with the exception of my Mac).
Pros: fast, great quality, the keyboard is very responsive, Love the connection options for other devices. I know I am asking too much but the battery life can be better, but it is a small laptop and very very very light, so I think something had to give.
I am sure this Vaio will last me a long time as well, my last one lasted me 9 years and counting and still working, just a little slow

Cons: no touch screen (no biggy), but at this price they should include it.
the mouse pad is a bit to small and I think the left and right button needs to go( what is this 1980?)
battery life can be better

overall: great product, I am sure I will be happy.

I wish they would come up with a larger laptop as well