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VAIO Z Canvas

Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2016):
The Vaio Z Canvas is one of the most incredible tools for the creative professional. Vaio's first generation of this machine knocked it out of the park. The Canvas is built for the creator, for the artist. It has the proper artist ergonomics, awesome pen, awesome wireless keyboard. The Z Canvas is beautifully designed and is unique looking. You can see hints of Vaio's innovative past here, but a brand new evolution. The build and design of this machine is amazing. Then, they top it all off with massive internal innovation and engineering with a 47W quad-core chipset, iris pro graphics, and more. A true thin and light mobile workstation 2 in one tablet PC in an easy to pick up and take with you design/form factor. An amazing wide gamut very pixel dense accurate display. ( one o the best I've seen) A one of a kind kickstand. All of this stuff and the machine still gets great long lasting battery life. I can't wait to see future generations of this machine, so much innovation here. So much to look forward to. Vaio is back with a vengeance.