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VAIO Z flip

Product Review (submitted on October 12, 2016):
I purchased this machine to replace my older laptop in the Vaio S series. I do extremely data intensive work so I wanted a strong computer with processing such that I would be able to run models on the go. I've been quite satisfied with the performance so far. (+) Startup is lightning fast, I average roughly 2 seconds.

There are two modes to run in, silence and performance. In silent mode, the computer is quieter. Performance mode lets my most intense programs run fast and heat up the computer. The fans [which many people complain about] kick in and get super loud; they get so loud that I'm concerned for the computer's gonna sputter out (it hasn't so far). I've been so busy with work that I haven't gotten a chance to play any video games. (+) can compute math on millions of pixels in under a minute

The flip mechanism took 3 days to get used to mainly because I was concerned about the integrity of the hinges. They work well and there's nothing to get worried about. I'm assuming that this is designed for a cleaner setting since I'd imagine sand might not match well with the small hinges [I'm a soil scientist]. (-) the digitizer's top broke off somehow making it shorter and slightly uncomfortable (battery is in tact so it still works)

The display is beautiful. Since the machine has so many pixels to work with, I can send my screen to a 4k monitor and have many windows open at the same time and still be able to read them all. This really helps for work when it is beneficial for you to compare many windows at the same time in high resolution. (+) resizing the screen,resolution adjustments, don't distort or produce unnecessary fuzziness.

Speakers are okay for a laptop, they are definitely better than my Vaio S' ones but it's an ultra book so you can't get rich sound out of something this thin.

Overall a sweet machine.