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Product Review (submitted on February 7, 2018):
I called Customer Service when considering a purchase and I was told if I liked my Sony VAIO, I would like the new VAIO's. All of my previous laptops have been the Sony VAIO. In 1998, I had the lavender 505. I can still access my old XP T350P from 2005, my all-time favorite. I bought the new VAIO S to replace my current Z11CGX from 2010 due to out-of-date display adapter problems.

I am really happy with the new VAIO S13. Of the 4 versions offered, I bought the second one listed on this site. I was reluctant to buy since Sony was not involved, but so far so good. It is very light, fast, & pretty. Setup was easy. Windows 10 takes some getting used to. I have had this laptop for a week and it took me 4 days to tweak Win 10 and to disable their many intrusions, etc. Another of my favorite reasons for liking this new VAIO is the lack of proprietary software one might find on a Dell, HP, etc. I don't know if it is a Windows or VAIO issue, but the screen is not as bright or as clear as I'd like. I can set it to High Contrast and that helps a little. The fan can be noisy, but I set it to silent (and it is silent) and have not noticed any negative change in performance. This laptop is one pound lighter than my Sony Z11.

I LOVE this laptop and hope VAIO continues to make more great products! I never want to be without a VAIO!