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Product Review (submitted on February 7, 2018):
I've purchased three (3) Sony Vaio's. Amazing quality and I suspected such would be the same for this recent Vaio purchase.

What I would later find within the entire purchase scenario was that the website was a bit off on SPECS and customer support via telephone was also misinformed.

The website did not show the 13 Inch S with a backlit keyboard or a touchscreen. Having had the Sony Vaio's, I still had to call customer service to be sure. They shared that it did indeed have both. I ordered mine.

It arrived with the backlit keyboard (although the website says otherwise) but there was no touchscreen for a high-end laptop.

I had to return it. A touchscreen was essential.

Now Vaio would require that I insure it and pay to ship it back. I did. There would also be a penalty of $100 I would have to pay as they called it a 'restocking fee' despite that I had never opened it or taken it out of the box.

The misleading support from VAIO combined with the lack of valid information on their website questions what would happen if I ever needed it serviced.

The Vaio experience for me was not a positive one.

Will Vaio have the courage and responsibility to post a review that is not a 4-5 star? We'll see...