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Product Review (submitted on April 20, 2016):
The VAIO S computer attracted me because of the VAIO videos showing the durability. I’m outside a lot and with my job and kids, my computer has the potential of getting banged around. I’ve had a number of laptops in the past where screens have been broken, hard drives had been damaged, and keys have broken off as a result of . . . let’s say not so delicate usage. The videos show lots of weight being place on the laptop, the ability to bend some—including the screen! It seemed like a worthy investment.

Once I have it in hand I tried gently doing what the video showed. Putting a pen on the keyboard and closing the screen. Amazing! I’ve put some weight on it, but afraid to do the full amount they said they’ve tested. But more surprising for a durable laptop is the weight. I’ve had durable laptops before. A few years ago friends I knew bought the Lenovo laptop that has a rubber bumper around the edges. I thought it was a great idea, but what a brick! Heavier than anything. This one is 2.3lbs? Hard to believe how durable and capable it is when it is this light. I love everything about it. Just wish it came with a touch screen option.