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VAIO Z flip

Product Review (submitted on April 21, 2016):
I’ve had a VAIO Z (the flip version) for a few months now and I have to say I completely love it! It is incredibly fast as in I haven’t had to wait for just about anything. It’s light weight is sooo much easier in my hands or in a bag over my shoulder than my previous Lenovo laptop. I don’t really use it in tablet mode except on a plane when I’m tight on space, but I do use the touch screen capability all the time to navigate through websites and apps faster. Only issue I have is when the fans do come on, they can sound pretty loud. Best I can figure is that the fan itself is not necessary loud, but the fans are moving a lot of air in a tight space, so it starts to sound like a plane in the distance. Luckily it only comes on once in a while when I’m doing some heavy usage program.