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VAIO Z Canvas

Product Review (submitted on March 3, 2017):
This is for TheDreamer who posted in late Novermber 2016

"I owned this wonderful laptop for 8 months, usually keeping it plugged in, and one day... it's dead." quote from TheDreamer

I was leaving my Vaio plugged in the charger all the time since I wanted a full charge when needing to go portable with this excellent device. Anyway, just like TheDreamer, one day my Vaio Canvas Z was DEAD.

Still under warranty, i contacted Vaio and worked with their service representative to try a few things, but NOTHING worked. It was decided I needed to send in for service and repair. In the process of preparing the return order, the service representative asked a question of someone else and in the process learned there is a reset button hidden behind the flip stand. To prevent the battery from over-charging and damaging the battery and/or computer, there is a trip switch built-in to the device. He suggested I take a small pin and insert it in the VERY SMALL hole while powering up.

It worked! What I thought was a laptop turned BRICK just needed reset. Nothing was lost, etc. it came back like before without any problems since. What was strange was over 2-days the 1st service representative was unaware there was a rest button hidden behind the flip stand.

All is well that ends well!