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VAIO Z flip

Product Review (submitted on February 17, 2017):
I bought VAIO Z Flip on Christmas 2016 online via the Microsoft Store (MS) and have been using it for a few months. I had been eyeing the Z Flip since it was launched last year. Fortunately, on Christmas MS had discounted $500 off the i7/8GB Ram/256GB SSD model lowering it to $1,500.

Buyers please note that even though MS is an authorized retailer, they removed certain things. For example, in December VAIO was giving the laptop with a free bag, that was not included. Additionally, MS also removed the $40 Wireless Router (USB Ethernet cable aka LAN adapter).

On to the review: I love this machine, I was reluctant to buy a 13.3" screen. I prefer portability however 13" seemed too small. I currently own a Sony VAIO 14" E Series which was my main machine. 14" to me is just the right size, however after using the 13.3" I am fairly comfortable with it. I actually prefer it over my old E series as the brightness and resolution make up for the .7 lost inches. Though sometimes I wish it was 14". The touch screen is more responsive than any other touch screen laptop I have used (the list includes Toshiba, HP, Lenova and off course my old Sony Vaio E Series).

First complaint, Z Flip ships with an incredible digital stylus (pen). You are also provided an alternate tip for fine art. I really enjoyed using the stylus however I was disappointed that there was no clip-on, or any form of accommodation made for the pen. Unlike the Z Canvas you are expected to carry the pen externally. As typical with pens in my pocket, I lost it. It was incredibly frustrating cause it costs $60 and the main reason why I have deducted a star from the rating. The Z flip was originally introduced by Sony as VAIO Flip back in 2013. Vaio relaunched it as Z flip in 2016 making it smaller and faster but it is really unfortunate that it does not have a clip for the stylus, especially since the Z Canvas has it. What's worse is that a clip or snap on isn't even sold in VAIO store. It's not cool to engage in a DIY project for a $2000 machine.

Next, we have the sleek backlit keyboard a feature that is present in all high end Laptops. But I will only compare it to the MacBook Pro and my old Sony Vaio. The travel distance in the keys is reduced. It is better than a MacBook Pro but not as good as the E series. I supposed it is a price to pay for having silent keys.

Let's talk about the battery. It is advertised as 11.30 minutes hour battery. It isn't. I reached out to VAIO and Joe informed me you must reduce the laptop brightness to a minimum and not do anything on the machine :/ and then you will get 11.30 hours :/
I don't fault Vaio for this false advertising industry trend but it is total bull shit. Additionally, the battery sensor is defective. My battery goes from 100% to 80% in less than 5 minutes on lowest brightness without using it. Marcus from customer support made me run some tests and informed me I would have to do a system restore to fix that problem and I opted out. I just finished installing everything and I did not want to engage in such a tedious set up. My battery is fine. It gives me about 2 - 4 hours depending on my usage. The first 20% just drains at sonic speed.

Last complaint and this one is a general complaint against VAIOis that all their machines ship with different chargers at different volts. Sony VAIO machines had universal chargers. Apple machines have the same charger for phone and laptops. VAIO can't have one for all their Laptops? On the flip side, the charger has this awesome clip off thing incase you accidentally pull the wire the charger would come out instead of you dragging your machine along with the charging cable.

In conclusion, the machine has a fantastic bright hi-res touch screen, super fast processing speed, silent backlit keyboard on the other hand the battery isn't as advertised, it is no longer compatible with the Sony charger or any other Vaio charger for that matter and lastly their should have been a clip on accessory for the stylus.

4 out of 5.