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VAIO Z Canvas

Product Review (submitted on February 2, 2017):
The Vaio Z Canvas is a good workhorse computer, but is in no way perfect. Vaio could absolutely improve the design.

- Detachable keyboard is great for drawing, ergonomic typing. Great for lecture halls, typing while lying down, presentations.
- Workhorse computer, specs are no joke
- Designed like a drawing tablet, and it shows
- So many ports; so, so many ports!

- It's small! I want a 17" version. The 17" version could also fit more, better guts inside of it. A 15" intermediary would be great too. Please, if there's anything an update to the Canvas would do, I would pay so much money for a 17" screen.
- Screen has LCD backlight bleed. It's barely noticeable, but if you tilt the screen backwards, you can notice the bottom of the screen is brighter than the rest.
- The keyboard is a double-edged sword. In the event that you only have your lap to work with, such as while in a car or on a train, you need to grip the stand between your knees. A means of attaching the keyboard to the laptop, ala the Surface Book, in a purely mechanical fashion would be great. Some kind of snap-on hinge.
- The screen will become scratched if the device is left in a backpack. You need to get a screen protector for it.
- The pen doesn't work as well with a screen protector.
- The built-in pen holder is only good for holding the pen while you are sitting down and working. Some sort of internal pen holder, like the Samsung Note series, where the pen slides into the chassis, would work so much better. I've lost two pens using this thing.
- The pen is not as versatile as Wacom pens. Vaio could tap into a huge market of artists if the pen was more powerful, including features like tilt and rotation detection, more pressure levels and different kinds of tips (airbrush pen, paintbrush pen, etc.)
- Graphics card is a joke. Iris is barely better than HD5500. Considering how much VAIO flaunts its ports, the addition of a Thunderbolt 3 port, replacing the Mini DisplayPort would be great. Thunderbolt 3's can support displays AND an external graphics card. I mention this mainly because the device renders very slowly when using GPU rendering, which is objectively better than CPU rendering. The ability to plug in a GTX1080 to this thing would make it so much better.
- Battery life is respectable.