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VAIO Z Canvas

Product Review (submitted on January 31, 2017):
I'll keep this short and sweet. Here is what makes this the best tablet:
- 47-Watt TDP CPU (TDP is what you should be looking at folks, not i3/i5/i7 marketing ploys)
- Vaio build quality
- Kick-stand is easily adjustable with one hand
- Ethernet port
- Wireless keyboard that doubles as a screen protector included
- Triple fan for higher exhaust throughput which allows for running at relatively low speeds thus running really quiet.

I had the VAIO Tap 11 and the VAIO Z Canvas solves all the issues I had with the Tap 11 from the noisy fan, weak specs, weak chassis, lack of ports, weak mini-HDMI port, and finicky wireless keyboard who's touchpad doesn't work and can only be charged while the tablet is not in use.

I really hope that VIAO doesn't end the Z Canvas line-up. This is truly a remarkable unit! I really hope VAIO (and the rest of the Sony line of products) can catch up with Apple and Samsung in terms of marketing because I truly think VIAO/Sony produce superior devices than their competitors and the consumers simply just don't know about them.