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Product Review (submitted on April 19, 2016):
A few weeks ago I picked up the VAIO Z in silver. It’s not the fancy 2-in-1 Z flip one (which is pretty cool but I don’t care for touch screen) just a standard ultrabook style in a beautiful color. My husband was a big Sony VAIO fan, me, not so much but he just recommended I take a look. So I did and I am sooo happy. It’s ultra-lightweight, sleek, quiet and powerful. I took it with me on an overseas trip to Asia and its claim of a 15 hour battery life is on the mark. With wifi on the plane I was able to work all the way there. I am convinced, this is the perfect machine for the business traveler. I say that because it has everything a business travel could need. I was using another brand of laptop (think red pointer) before this one but that design was so bulky. This VAIO Z is like a sports car in the shape of a computer.