What is 4K LCD?

It is a liquid crystal display with 4 times the resolution of full HD used in most PCs. You can view dazzling, high resolution video clips and images in multiple open windows.

Text in high resolution often appears too small to be seen on the screen. The OS settings automatically adjusts the text size* so that characters are legible and easily understood.

Results vary according to application in use.

Most PC displays have lower resolution than your average smartphone. Is that acceptable?

4K is standard in most televisions, digital cameras, and camcorders.

The resolution on most smartphones exceeds that of large screen notebook PCs with full HD.

Photos taken on smartphones have higher resolution that full HD even if taken at the lowest image quality available.

With 4K LCD you can view photos and videos captured in sharp, dazzling high resolution.

View sharper and clearer videos, images, and text.

Not only are images and videos displayed in clear, high resolution, but text and letters are more legible and easily understood.
With 4K LCD, surfing the internet and reading emails is easier.

You will enjoy the benefits of 4K as becomes it becomes standard from content providers.

More free and subscription-based content is becoming readily available in 4K.
With 4K, you will be able to enjoy even more high-resolution entertainment such as action movies and television dramas.