VAIO’s tradition of powerful, high-quality laptops that appeal to and serve the needs of those who take business seriously continue with the acclaimed VAIO SX14.

And while creating laptops that have reset industry standards for design and function is nothing new for VAIO, they now set a tradition of making you the alpha in your office, even when you are out of the office.


1. They are made in Japan.

All VAIO laptops are built in their Azumino factory in Nagano Prefecture to ensure craftsmanship and quality controls are met on a unique 50+ item checklist. Each person who handles your laptop is tasked to earn your trust and confidence in the VAIO brand. 

2. They look awesome.

The SX14 is product of several layers of design delivered in a visual and mobile masterpiece. Has black ever looked so sleek? Has a laptop ever felt so portable? Faced with creating a design marvel, VAIO then aimed to capture light with a finish that would reflect it back as something you can’t help but touch. 

3. They are engineered for business.

VAIO has ports – all of them – so your work is never limited by accessibility as it can be with most laptops. VAIO is committed to advancing its proprietary lightweight, durable construction techniques, including ultra HD displays and keyboards that click with a satisfying whisper under your fingertips. 

4. They impress the press.

Don’t just take our word for it. The Verge review of the VAIO SX14 said “it’s hard to complain with such an embarrassment of riches” when describing the laptop’s features, while PC Magazine gave the device an “excellent” review, praising its “ample speed,” “beautiful screen,” and “visual style.”

5. VAIO TruePerformance.

VAIO engineers developed TruePerformance technology to overcome the “throttling” laptops experience when heating up and processing bottlenecks during periods of heavy usage. It’s another example of VAIO resolving a challenge through superior design and function to achieve maximum performance. 

6. They are built to last.

Uni-direction carbon fiber not only strengthens your VAIO, and is the same material used in airplanes and race cars, it gives even the display an astounding level of flexibility. The proprietary fan technology is paired with a lid-to-stand feature for long-lasting, maximum quiet cooling. 

7. They are even better than you remember.

VAIO’s commitment to personalized quality, craftsmanship, and innovation means you won’t feel left behind with each successive generation. VAIO wants you to feel like part of the family, and that means growing with us on this journey.