Work From Home Securely

Technical Solutions

Many companies are either encouraging or mandating Work From Home (WFH) for employees, and while it’s not a new concept, recent world events have accelerated the pace of adoption. While offering greater flexibility and lower operating costs, WFH does come with its own set of technical challenges for online security. Here are some things to consider to make sure you are doing your part to keep business-critical information secure.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can eliminate many vectors for online attacks this way. Configuring it to protect and enable access to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) from Windows, Mac, and Unix home computers will ensure cloud applications and resources are secure.

Biometrics, either installed as part of the computer or USB plug-in, is a great way to secure your device. It will also add a frictionless layer of additional security to personalized settings on employee accounts on a shared device. Because biometric data like fingerprints are so difficult to steal and replicate, they are a simple but invaluable way to reduce data breaches.

Run your updates as soon as you get the notification. Security patches are released because they need to be applied quickly to match the firmware updates or address immediate concerns over breaches. Many home internet-connected devices such as cameras, routers, and appliances are easy targets since manufacturers cease offering updates as models become outdated. It may be worth considering discarding and upgrading if you find yourself in a home full of obsolete devices. 

Lastly, your video conference needs to be passcode protected to limit it to only its intended audience. Prevent hackers from eavesdropping on meetings with passcodes at both the connection and phone access points.


As WFH becomes the new normal, it is essential to be vigilant with security, even from your home office. VAIO offers multiple built-in biometric authentication security features, including Windows Hello facial recognition and Windows Hello fingerprint login support. Find out more at the VAIO SX-14 page.