Two Laptops and the New Normal

One is never enough

If you are over 35, you probably remember the days of using a desktop PC at the office and lugging around a heavy, industrial-grade laptop for travel. That changed a while back as many professionals now toggle between multiple slim, lightweight laptops during the day. Let’s take a look at this trend and why getting a second laptop may help you level up with work.


Whether it is casual travel outside the office or, as current circumstances dictate, to your own backyard, getting work done in the least amount of time in awkward settings between meetings is a business way of life. Luckily, manufacturers found a 12 to 14 inch “sweet spot” in laptop screen size for maximum viewing comfort and productivity.

Two minds are better than one.

Offloading processor-intensive tasks if you are a gamer, coder, or just a power user is a huge benefit of owning two laptops. Multicore laptops allow offloading tasks and files without needing to stop and wait for something to finish processing.


Walking away from one laptop and being able to pick up where you left off on another is a particularly nice benefit. 

If your primary laptop is busy or physically unavailable or you just want to change up the view, synching the laptops up means you won’t miss a beat no matter where you have to set up an office.

Distractions (Not)

This last reason might be painful but just as necessary: offloading distractions to your second laptop. Social media, personal email, and news feeds can provide a nice break from your day, but if they keep from work or make you unprepared for meetings, it is time to move them to a second laptop.

One laptop for work, one laptop for social.

The Solution

The move to a multi-laptop workflow might sound like a lot of effort and money, but given the unknown of when offices can return to normal, can you afford not to? If you are considering a second laptop VAIO might have what you are looking for. With 12” and 14” models available, these super lightweight portables make it a breeze to have a floating workstation. And if you are looking for affordability, you might want to check out the VAIO Outlet Store. Gently used laptops with massive discounts offer an easy path to that second workstation you’ve been needing.