The Best Lifehack in Years

 How to stay organized online with Workona

Ever find yourself with more than a dozen tabs open and sorting through them like you are looking for treasure? Try Workona, an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, that treats your browser like an operating system by organizing tabs.

Rather than try to curb the habit of opening too many tabs, Workona approaches your tab overload by breaking them up into sets to create distinct and more manageable workspaces. For example, if you have 4 tabs open for purchasing, 2 tabs open for receiving, and 3 tabs open for delivery, each set is bundled, so accessing one does not affect the others on your desktop.

Workona home hero

Combining tabs may sound odd at first, but if you are the sort of person who needs the visual reminder of dozens of open tabs to stay on schedule, this might be exactly what you need. Workona shadows all your browsing sessions unless you disable the extension, so it is always waiting for you to be ready to sort your tabs out. Browser sessions under the same profile can be synced across all computers which is a big plus if you change devices.

Workona also lets you share tabs the same way Google Docs lets you share documents. Saved tabs can be shared to different users privately or in real-time for synched browsing which can be useful for things like group projects and comparison shopping, and not nearly as invasive as screen sharing.

The list of benefits and work hacks that Workona can offer seems endless and applicable to all personal work habits. It just takes a bit of practice, or as puts it, learning a new “browser ritual” may be exactly what you need to stay organized and boost productivity. 

Insider Secrets

The team here at US.VAIO.COM are power-users of Workona and reached out to the Workona development team recently to let them know how much we love their product. They were cool enough to send us some insider “tips and tricks” that we are happy to share here with you now.

Did you know?

  • Pin tabs to make them accessible from any workspace you open in that window.
  • Use the "Switch workspaces" shortcut to flip back and forth between open workspaces in an instant.
  • Set up the "New workspace" shortcut for any time you need to a blank slate for a quick tangent or casual browsing.
  • The "Find or create" shortcut shows you all of your open tabs in the order you last accessed them, making it perfect for that "What was I just doing?" moments.
  • You can open workspaces from their URL, so you can put them in calendar events, wiki pages, etc.
  • "cmd-click" (Mac) or "ctrl-click" (Windows) will open workspaces in a new window.
  • Instantly free up nearly all memory your browser is using with the "Suspend all tabs" option within the tab drawer menu.
  • Create Google Docs, calendar events, Zoom meetings, and more by entering "/new" into Workona's search bar.
  • Use the "Open only" option on any Resource block to reset a workspace back to a specific set of tabs (closes all current tabs, opens the desired set).

Thanks to Workona for making our digital lives A LOT easier!