New Year, Clean Tech

Not only does the new year bring us new technology, but it provides an opportunity to simplify and declutter our lives – encouraging productivity in the coming months. The month of January is the perfect time to organize our devices and get rid of the programs, files, photos, and apps we no longer need or use, making room for memories to come. Is it time to take on the task of cleaning out your laptop? Here are our top tips for cleaning up your VAIO:
  1. Clean out your inbox: Guilty of letting your inbox build up with thousands of emails? You’re not alone. Pledge to make 2017 the year of keeping on track with your messages and get started by clearing out the emails of last year. Toss out the junk mail, unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters, organize by folders and labels, and most importantly – perform an audit of your inbox and delete what you don’t need. You’ll feel better instantly!
  2. Organize your files: Start by organizing your desktop files or take on the big task of going through all of them on your hard drive. If you find that there are documents you don’t need any more, transfer them to the trash. The ones you do need? Create new folders, such as “work” or “personal” and organize the files into their correct location. Plus, take advantage of the VAIO Z flip’s lightning fast PCle SSD, allowing the transfer process to go quicker than ever.
  3. Minimize browser bookmarks: Cut down on time spent looking for important links by minimizing the number of bookmarks you use. Get rid of any “favorites” you haven’t used in the last few months – we promise you don’t need that link to last year’s fashion trends or an article from 2014.
  4. Photos: Say goodbye to duplicate photos, unedited images or any past screenshots. Taking time to clean out your pictures folder will clear up space on your device and memories made during the new year will take their place.
  5. Update or upgrade: Last but not least, take care of any updates your device may need. Whether this means upgrading to the latest processing system or installing the newest version of Adobe, make sure your computer is operating as efficiently as possible.
Performing a yearly (monthly, if you’re ambitious) clean out of your device has its benefits – it’ll keep your laptop running in top shape and allow for more productivity. 2017, we’re ready for you!