Hacks to Make Working From Home More Comfortable

If you are new to working from home you are probably spending much of your day in front of a hastily set up screen, laptop, or tower situation at a table or desk in your home. If the novelty has worn off and you are experiencing both mental and physical fatigue, here are a few things to consider changing up your workspace that have a big ergonomic impact.

Do not skimp on the chair. If you plan on doing most of your work sitting down, having an adjustable chair is the best choice. It will help make sure that you are working at the appropriate height with good back support. If that is not an option, use the tallest chair you have available so that your eyes are level with your screen. It is also possible your employer will allow you to borrow one from the office so why not ask?

If your budget is limited and you are stuck on the company laptop think about investing in an external keyboard and mouse. Separate peripherals offer more flexibility since you can build your desk or standing station around them. Increase the height with books to reach eye level for optimal viewing.

Make sure you take regular breaks. When working from home it is easy to fall into sedentary habits when you do not have to meet someone on another floor for a meeting, walk to get lunch at a nearby restaurant, or race to catch the next train home. Consider setting alarms on your phone or computer to remind you to move around and mix up your routine.


Give your eyes the light they need. An office with windows and bright overhead lights is far more consistent than what you usually have at home, so commandeer a bedside or coffee table lamp with at least 60 watts for your workstation. Always leave it on while you are working to prevent eye strain and headaches.
These are just a few things to keep your work from home space fresh, and help prepare you for work for home if it becomes more permanent.