VAIO Z CANVAS 201: An Artist’s Tips & Tricks

It’s no secret that the Canvas is the perfect tool for those who work in the creative industry – from its wireless keyboard to the precise stylus and workstation class specs, it was designed for creative professionals. Whether you’re an animator or photographer or maybe even an interior designer, you’ve probably had some experience powering up and using a similar device to further enhance your work flow. However, the Canvas has plenty of hidden secrets that make your life even easier when designing. We asked Emmy-winning artist, Bobby Chiu, to tell us some of his favorite things about the VAIO Z Canvas. Check it out:
  1. Bobby’s top tip for using the Canvas? Take advantage of the custom button on the top left of the device. It’ll bring up a side menu, which you can customize by assigning shortcuts for your favorite commands. When drawing or sketching, this eliminates the need for a keyboard and allows you to continue to work without interruptions.
  2. If you’re providing feedback and looking to correct or critique someone’s piece of work, the Canvas is your new best friend. Instead of making direct changes onto the art, simply take a picture of the design and draw/sketch/paint over it using the supplied stylus.
  3. Use size to your advantage – the Canvas is around the same size as your favorite old sketchpad, which means it’s both comfortable and familiar to work with. Instead of having to lug around a ton of tools, you’ll have everything you need to create in the form of a tablet plus its accompanying stylus.
  4. The Canvas allows you to create whenever, but more importantly, wherever. It’s not your normal sketchpad – with its quad core Intel® Core i7 processor, you have the power you need to work anywhere - unleashing you from your office.
For more tips on using your VAIO Z Canvas, and to learn more about each VAIO device, visit our YouTube channel.