VAIO Z Canvas 101: Powering Up & Getting Started

Creative juices are always flowing – you never know when your next idea is going to come to you, and when it does, you should be able to jot it down or sketch it out within a moment’s notice. Thankfully, the VAIO Z Canvas was designed to be your partner in creativity - from the notebook/tablet versatility and the wireless keyboard down to the Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, this device was made to perform. We’ve put together the following list of tips and tricks that will help kick start your creativity and make your work process flow a lot easier. Check them out – and keep up with the VAIO Society blog for more ways to make the most out of your VAIO devices.
  1. Power through the days: Charge up before you take your VAIO Z Canvas to the office – whether that’s a cubicle or your favorite local coffee shop. While you may always remember to charge the main unit itself, don’t forget to also charge the wireless keyboard. All you have to do is locate the charging port on both the keyboard and the main unit and connect the two. From there, plugging in and charging your main unit will also charge your keyboard, so you’ll have full battery to power through the long days.
  2. Notes on demand: Now that you’re all charged up, you have the freedom to create from anywhere, at any time. The second inspiration hits, use the VAIO Z Canvas stylus to start OneNote and jot down your ideas (quick – before you lose them). Put the tip of the pen on the screen, wait for the pointer to show, and press down on its larger button to open up OneNote. From there, write away!
  3. Everybody makes mistakes: By now, the VAIO Z Canvas stylus is probably your best friend and you’ve used it to click, write, and create. Did you also know that you can erase your mistakes using this tool? Easily correct your work using the stylus – just press and hold the smaller of the two buttons on the pen, put the tip on the letter you want to erase, and drag it to the letter before it. Correct and continue on with the click of a button without interrupting your workflow.
Have some tips and tricks of your own that you’d like to share? Connect with us on social media and tell us how you get the most out of your VAIO device.