VAIO SX12 is ready for a meeting

A successful businessperson today can’t just rely on talent and skills to get them in the boardroom door. Why not put the odds in your favor with the SX12, VAIO’s most powerful and portable laptop yet? Here are some specifications sure to make sure your work will stand out.

The VAIO SX12 is loaded with all of the usual suspects, including Windows 10 Pro, an Intel 8th Generation Quad Core Processor, and 8GB of memory, to make sure you’re baseline competitive, but you can’t thrive just staying at the baseline, can you?

You’re going to need something next level. You’re going to need the ultimate in laptop portability and design. Crafted of unidirectional carbon fiber and aluminum, the VAIO SX12 is thin, lightweight, and durable so that holding it is a pleasure and carrying it is an ease.

The hint of bezel around the 12.5-inch Full HD display and full-sized keyboard stand out when you open the case. The broad screen frames your work like it should be hung in a museum. VAIO SX12’s keys run edge-to-edge giving you full range of motion so that you can type comfortably no matter where you set up your office.

You also need a laptop with ultimate connectivity. VAIO SX12 boasts a USB Type-CTM port, 3 USB ports, and HDMI port, and VGA and LAN connectors. You will never miss another connection and those pesky adapters can be put in the yard sale.

VAIO engineers developed TruePerformance technology to overcome “throttling” when processing bottlenecks during periods of heavy usage. It’s another example of the commitment to superior design and function to achieve maximum performance that VAIO gives you in the SX12 laptop.

You’ve got all of the challenges of a modern professional, so why don’t you have the laptop to handle it?

Oh, and did I mention it comes in pink?