Truly Anytime, Anywhere

VAIO Customer Submitted Story
IMPORTANT – check your email and then call me as soon as you land, the text said. My plane was in its final descent and I knew that the last of the numbers had come in and that over a half-dozen executives meeting me on a connecting flight would want them pronto. Another text, They are eager for loss margins and might want you to go over some things in the lounge. Are we prepared to do that? I looked down at my VAIO S and replied, Yes, and we’ve got this. Talk to you soon. Once on the ground, out of the gate, and comfortably in the lounge terminal, that email was exactly what we needed and I’m easily able to add them to my work still warm from the flight. Now to make that call. “Hey, got the numbers and am putting them in right now. What have you heard? “Wow. That was fast. Well, their connection is getting in earlier for one thing. They are practically right behind you.” “Not a problem.” And I meant it. The TruePerformance technology in my VAIO S means this presentation is going to start and end with the same high standards these clients demand and deserve. “How many slides do you have ready to show them? I think the last 6 we talked about are the most important but –“ “I can give them the entire show if they want it.” “How were you able to do all of that work on the flight?” “I created every slide with every department’s numbers for the last 3 years and we are ready to roll. If they need to see January of 2016 referenced against the numbers that just came in, they’ve got it.” “You are saving the day, buddy.” “Ah, I had some help. I’m going to let you go and finish up but text me the moment they land, okay?” “You got it.” Without having to worry about my VAIO throttling its performance, I was able to power through on that flight with a single charge. No frustrating peaks and valleys as I have to wait for it to cool down like my other laptops. Easy connectivity, stress-free usability, in a robust and durable magnesium alloy casing. A text already? They landed while we were talking! You literally have seconds before they make it to the lounge. Not a problem. We’re ready.