Touchless Technology Skyrockets

Danger Will Robinson!  COVID-19 increases the need and demand for touch-free control

Until recently you probably did not think twice about signing your name, or using the touchpad screen at the store. With COVID-19 (aka Corona Virus) public surfaces are now feared as sources of viral transmission. Now everyone is rethinking behaviors such as how we pay for goods and even flush toilets.

While viruses can spread through surfaces and personal contact, how long they can survive on restaurant table surfaces, grocery bags, and ATM touch-screens is still unclear. Let’s look at some current trends and hurdles to transitioning to hands-free products and services.

Building Access

Companies are testing how to provide secure building access and touchless workplaces with mobile apps rather than plastic entry cards to maintain a hygienic environment. 

Touch-free building access

Others are testing technology that lets clients check in at buildings and medical offices with a Bluetooth signal that does not require accessing their phone.

Bathroom Safety

Makers of kitchen and bathroom fixtures are installing more residential touchless faucets and “intelligent” toilets

Touch-free bathroom

These have seats that are able to open and close automatically with sensors that detect movement. Locksmiths can install touchless Bluetooth locks that also can be opened with the elbow, hip, or at the footplate.

Touchless; Past, Present, and Future

The U.S. has lagged behind in adopting touchless technology on shared devices mostly because viruses have plagued other parts of the world long before recent events demanded the change here. U.S. credit card companies even slow-rolled cards equipped with chips not only because fraud was lower than in Asia and Europe, but American consumers fought their use.

Other hurdles are also uniquely cultural to the U.S. We are accustomed to signing for payments and entering pin codes to complete a sale and to acknowledge the transaction on a personal level. It is also where we enter tips, and restaurants and bars are concerned servers will lose the majority of their income if the process is too streamlined.

Touch-free Shopping

It might just take a pandemic to jumpstart the push for contactless payments, and while it will not happen overnight, the momentum has definitely shifted.


VAIO Leads the Way

As a first step toward a safer and more hygienic world, VAIO Laptops all have Windows 10 which includes Microsoft’s Cortana voice control. A great way to learn how to use voice control is to practice with Cortana which is available with every VAIO, including the SX14 and SX12 models.