The VAIO SX14 is Open for Business

VAIO’s latest 14-inch laptop, the SX14, is thin, lightweight, durable, and with an eye-popping 4K Ultra HD. But it’s not just another sleek, modern device with a few notable bells and whistles to please the business class. Presented as a narrow wedge of brushed aluminum, the VAIO SX14 comes in four colors: all black, silver, brown, and red (a premium color and only offered for a short run). The lid of the clamshell is designed so that it tilts the keyboard up when opened, which is not only ergonomic but also improves the airflow underneath the laptop for enhanced cooling. VAIO SX14 vga port, usb-c port, lan As stated in the previous article, the VAIO SX14 has a plethora of ports, which can really come in handy both at the office and at home. If you use a second monitor and don’t have a separate docking station to use with the conventional USB-C port, look no further. There is also a HDMI port and, if you’re really need to go old school, say with a projector, there is handy VGA port as well. Pick up the VAIO SX14 and you can feel the strength of the uni-direction (UD) carbon fiber framework. It’s only 2.32 lbs and moderately flexible to the touch. Think of it as an internal strengthening material to help the laptop bend and then conquer daily wear. VAIO SX14 4k ultra high definition display The display not only boasts 4K Ultra HD, but the screen comes in a micro matte finish so you get brilliant, eye-catching details and color without the glare. The screen feels slick to the touch and is scratch resistant, which is good because the narrow bezel means there is a lot of it. Battery life comes in at a healthy 7 hours and 45 minutes and is boosted by VAIO TruePerformance. You can rely on a steady, high level of performance without a slow down as the processor recalibrates for battery life, heat dissipation, and other draining functions. In short, this is a superlative business tool, ready to travel, capable of making a statement while doing the job, no matter the circumstance or amenities.