The SX14 is always open for business

The alarm goes off. It’s 7:15 already? There is so much to do and so little time. The meeting from the previous day lingers in your mind. You must update the proposal, that PowerPoint needs confirmation from accounting, and you can’t forget to video conference with the home office at noon. Luckily you have a VAIO SX14 in your corner every step of the way.

It doesn’t take much to get the engines running these days. Coffee is brewing and your SX14 is on the table in the kitchen waiting so you power on. It’s been six hours since you last logged in but there’s practically still a full charge – that’s the lithium polymer battery coming through.

This kind of proposal would be wide-awake nightmare for any other laptop. There are acres of notes and charts to adhere to policy requirements on the back end, but the SX14 with an i& Intel Core CPU can handle anything you throw at it.

You don’t want to contact accounting just yet since there are 25 columns to reconcile with the previous month. And something isn’t right. You toggle between the previous month, then the previous year, to make sense of it. Can you go back further to the previous years and confirm those numbers? Of course, you can. Your SX14 comes with up to 1TB GB of storage and unfettered WIFI access to offline cloud storage. There it is. You’ve got it. Everything is falling to place.

You look up at the clock in your kitchen. 10:00AM. Plenty of time to pour another cup of coffee, review your work, and then head into the office for that conference. Instead you get a text message alert from accounting.

“Can we meet before the video conference?”

Oh no, what now?

“Of course,” you reply.

“We need to see the proposal.”

You smile to yourself.

“Absolutely. I’ll send it to you.”

There’s a pause, then, “No, we need to see you deliver the proposal just as you would for the video conference. Can you do that for us?”

Oh, no. Are you set up at home to do that? You need to project most of the report, but you only have a legacy VGA projector in the basement. Then you remember your VAIO SX14 has a VGA port so you’re good to go.

“Not a problem,” you reply. “Just give me five minutes.”

The VAIO advantage guarantees a great day at the office, even when you haven’t left your house.