The Modern Day Office: WFH & BYOD

The freedom to work from wherever – telecommuting – is more popular than ever. In fact, the percent of employees that work from home (WFH) has grown by 103 percent since 2005. That’s 3.7 million employees who choose to forego the cubicle and work from the comfort of their own home, their favorite local coffee shop, or from planes and trains taking them to their next location. [Global Workplace Analytics] And not only are people starting to work remotely, they’re starting to bring their own tech to the office, too. The trend of bringing your own device (BYOD) has become increasingly popular since it was first introduced to workplaces in 2009. BYOD is a big deal in the workplace but it does bring about some security concerns, especially with the mixing of personal and company data. To keep these lines clear, businesses and professionals must establish certain boundaries, such as: defining security policies (passwords and protection), creating a list of acceptable devices, and indicating what activity is permitted. Together, the ability to BYOD and the concept of the mobile office have created a high demand for powerful, well-built devices that enhance a person’s workflow and provide them with the support to power through the workday – whether working from the office or their latest change in location. While everyone has a different list of “must-haves” for their laptops, most business professionals require their devices to have similar features, including:  
  • Performance – Productivity should never be an issue outside of the office, that’s why a fast processor and extensive memory (i.e. an SSD) is a must
  • Portability – Sleek design and a lightweight build is important since you will be carrying your notebook wherever you go
  • Battery Life – The ability to be charged all-day long as you work from project to project
  • Functionality – A 2-in-1 notebook, for example, offers usability of a tablet and productivity of a notebook voiding the need to carry multiple devices
  • Durability – A device built strong enough to withstand the on-the-go lifestyle
  When developing its new line of products, VAIO took these needs into consideration. From long-lasting battery life and lightweight yet durable construction to blazing fast processing and memory, these devices were made to be functional and mobile. We’re embracing this trend and saying goodbye to the old working ways of being chained to your desk, and saying hello to using your device whenever and wherever creativity strikes. Enjoy your freedom with VAIO notebooks! For more information on how each VAIO product can enhance your mobile lifestyle, visit our homepage at