Recycle the Laptop Lifestyle

It is Time to Think Inside the Box

E-waste is the fastest growing waste in the world with millions of tons produced annually. Luckily, VAIO US has you covered with our Think Inside the Box $100 coupon offer that includes free recycling.

Only a fraction of e-waste is collected and recycled appropriately, so it is incumbent upon all of us to do our part. Electronics such as laptops not only contain materials that will never biodegrade in our lifetime, they contain toxins that can cause damage to humans and wildlife by leaking into our drinking water, oceans, soil, and food resources. Some components may even vaporize into deadly gases in the atmosphere if heated or exposed to solar radiation.

Of course, make sure you do housekeeping before recycling your laptop by backing up files to an external drive or cloud. 

Delete all the old files on your laptop.


Delete and overwrite sensitive files such as tax documents, financial records, etc. Deauthorize and uninstall from your PC any programs like Spotify or Microsoft 365. Wiping your hard drive by performing a factory reset will usually ensure you have removed all of your personal files and software programs.

(Please be aware that these are only basic guidelines and not intended to be an exhaustive list of safety precautions, so please check your laptop Settings, or consult a professional service to assuage additional concerns.)

Until we start to understand the impact of our drive to always have the newest, fastest, most powerful, electronic toy, our consumer culture will continue to make poor decisions around recycling old devices. Small efforts add up if we all agree to pitch in, so join us in pledging to recycle your laptop.

The steps are easy and only take a few minutes once you receive your $100 coupon towards the purchase of a VAIO, so what is stopping you?